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Commercial and Residential Lawn Pest Control Services

RCH Landscaping Protection Plan provides an environmentally responsible solution that keeps your outdoor environment pest-free through quarterly applications once a season. Using the most progressive protection plan in the industry, our comprehensive extermination services and quality guarantee have made us the fastest-growing pest control service in South Florida.

At RCH Landscaping, Service begins with a thorough inspection of your property by a certified pest specialist. Risk areas are identified and treated using a customized quarterly protection plan that keeps your property pest free year-round.


RCH’s teams are equipped to create a pest control solution that meets your specific needs.

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Our professional licensed and insured Pest Control Experts have multiple years servicing Boca Raton and most of South Florida’s commercial and residential property owners with all their lawn fertilization and pest control  needs.

With South Florida’s extreme humid environment, choosing the right Pest control Contractor for your home or business is mission critical for success. Consider RCH Landscaping and remove the stress of having to store and apply pesticides  inside your home or business by using a responsible professional you can trust.

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pest control
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lawn pest control


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