A butterfly garden is a visual feast for the human eye and serves an important conservation function. Approximately 1/3 of Florida’s butterfly species are endangered or have become extremely rare and are on the verge of extinction. Planting a butterfly garden provides an essential food source for declining, imperiled and rare species, along with more robust species. Milkweed is a good example. It’s the only food that monarch caterpillars eat.

Butterflies are pollinators just like honey bees. They’re typically not viewed as seriously as bees since honey bees are more involved in the growing of fruits and vegetables, yet they perform the same function and are beautiful to behold. They prefer flowers and bushes that provide a place to land as they walk across blossoms gathering pollen.


Available in hues of red, orange, yellow, white and pink, they’re drought resistant annuals. They have a long bloom season, providing food throughout the summer and nectar for migratory species.


The friendly flowers are available in colors encompassing yellow, red orange, chocolate, cream and bicolors. Some remain a modest 12 in. in height, while giant varieties can attain heights of up to 16 ft. tall.


The hotter the weather, the better pentas perform. They’re available in pink, purple, red, lavender and white. They reach heights of 12 to 24 inches, depending on the variety, and attract multiple types of butterflies.


The humble marigold is rich in nectar, easy to grow, and offered in solid and bicolored varieties. They’re an irresistible magnet for butterflies. They’re offered in dwarf to standard heights for any place in the landscape.


The blooms are a favorite of butterflies and available in a rainbow of colors. They’re available in dwarf varieties that flourish in flower boxes, to those that grow up to 4 ft. tall for planting straight into the garden.


Available in a multitude of colors, butterflies, moths and bees just can’t resist them. Fragrant varieties are available and they’re offered in single and double flowered varieties. They do equally well planted in containers or directly in the ground, growing 8 to 36 inches in height, depending on the variety.

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