At RCH Landscaping of Boca Raton, FL we believe nature isn’t all one size fits all solution and your yard shouldn’t be either. Property owners can incorporate different sized planting to create a cozy environment for rest and relaxation or give the appearance of a much larger space. There are a number of strategies and landscaping aids that can be utilized to avoid a “flat” looking space that’s interesting and exciting.

A trellis, arbor or fence, along with larger upright plants, adds vertical height and can provide privacy. Flowering vines can be added that will grow over structures to provide visual interest and food for birds, butterflies and bees.

Elevation is a key component that can be accomplished with hanging baskets, raised planters, and pots placed on pillars. Flowers can provide an eye-catching focus, trail over the sides of a planter, or create a mound of sparkling color.

Garden pathways aren’t just for large estates. They add depth, dimension, and a straight patch can draw attention directly into a smaller garden. Larger stones are typically used for straight paths, while smaller stones are utilized in winding paths. A straight path is preferred for smaller gardens to give the impression of a larger space.

The direction in which pathways and even decking is laid can alter the perception of a yard. A pathway laid diagonally gives the impression of space and the same is true of deck planking and patio stones. The techniques make the back of the yard appear farther away.

Another effective technique is to place a burst of red or orange color at entryways with flowers. Red bricks and tropical plants with large leaves can perform the same function and create the same effect. Use cooler flower colors toward the outer borders to create a sense of endless space.

Property owners can take advantage of a centuries-old technique utilized in Japanese landscaping. For those fortunate enough to have a scenic view on the other side of their property border, the eye can be drawn to that view to give the impression of a much larger space. It’s a technique that makes it appear as if the yard is blending into the open spaces beyond the property line.

Above all else, create a focal point. It can be a slightly raised or sunken deck or patio, or even a container garden or raised planter. Specimen plants can be used, a trellis, arbor or fire pit. A professional landscaper or garden design expert has a solution for yards of every size that can accommodate a variety of budgets.

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