Every property has them – areas of shade where nothing ever seems to want to grow. To fill in shady spots in the garden or landscape, it’s essential that the greenery that’s planted is shade-loving or shade-tolerant at the very least.

It’s possible to fill in those less well-lit areas with distinctly colored and patterned foliage. There are even plants that will bloom in those conditions for a burst of color in an unexpected location. There are annuals for those that like to change up their look each year, or the ever popular plant-them-and-forget-them perennials. First, you have to determine what type of shade you have – filtered, partial, full or deep.

Filtered Shade

This is one of the most common situations in landscapes, whether it’s a large estate or a small backyard. In filtered shade, sunlight is filtered through a canopy of leaves. The pattern of light shifts all day. Filtered shade is also known as dappled light. Begonias, fuchsias and bleeding heart are good choices.

Partial Shade

Another common situation is partial shade. It occurs when an area receives 2-4 hours of sun per day. Lily of the valley will grow in partial or full shade. Impatiens don’t mind shade and caladiums and coleus are valued for their showy foliage.

Full Shade

You have full shade when very little sunlight reaches plants due to thick trees, canopies or overhangs on structures. Hostas like shade and potted dead nettle is another option that’s non-invasive and doesn’t sting like ordinary nettles.

Deep/dense Shade

This occurs when plants receive no direct sun exposure and the light they do receive is reflected or indirect. It’s a difficult situation, but there are remedies. Primroses, coral bells, and foxglove are just some of the options for this type of environment.

Choose Carefully

If you purchase from a nursery, talk with one of their specialists to ensure the plants you choose will grow in the conditions where you plan to place them. If you’re going to purchase plants from a supermarket or similar outlet, research your options online before making a purchase.

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