Any pool area can benefit from plants, but placing them in pots is much preferable to planting them in the ground. Depending on the species, they may have far-reaching roots that can damage the pool and the surrounding hardscape. Plants are beautiful and desirable, but they also have the potential to drop pollen, leaves, and blossoms into the pool and clog filters.

Potted plants require less water, time and maintenance, while providing all the benefits of a lush pool environment. Depending on the selected species, they can provide color, texture, privacy, and shade. Some of the best potted plants for around the pool include the following that are able to withstand full sun and being splashed with pool water.

Flowering Plants

For individuals that enjoy blossoms, there are annuals and perennials that can be placed in pots around the pool. The disadvantage is that they produce vegetative debris that can find its way into the water and filters if they’re planted too closely to the pool. They can be used sparingly in containers to add a splash of dramatic color.

Palms and Cycads

Small species of palms can be the perfect accompaniment to the pool environment, such as Mediterranean Fan Palm, that can produce fronds up to six feet long. Palms and cycads have the advantage of slow growth. The sago palm is a form of cycad, a hold-over from the dinosaur age that enjoys rocky and sandy soils. Palms and cycads typically grow from 3-5 feet, but some are capable of reaching heights of 10 feet, so choose carefully. Smaller species of cycads are bushier and more closely related to pines.


There are dozens of succulent species that can survive on less water than other types of plants, love the sun, are easy to grow, and require little maintenance. They encompass more than just cacti and can have lush foliage. Be careful when planting cacti and don’t place them too near the pool to avoid injuries to people and pets.


Yuccas love full sun and are low-maintenance. They also have the distinction of being the primary source of food for the yucca moth. In turn, the moths are the only pollinators of the yucca. Pool owners will be doing the stately plants a favor and providing essential sustenance and cover for the delicate white moths.

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