A sprinkler system is convenient and saves money on watering costs. It’s essential in arid conditions, but in South Florida where it rains nearly every day in summer, an irrigation schedule will need to be adjusted to account for the levels of natural moisture.

The majority of rainfall comes to South Florida from June through September. Depending upon the exact location, rainfall totals can range from 39 to 74 inches. Individuals will also need to consider the type of lawn grass they have and it’s unique moisture needs.

Installing a state-of-the-art irrigation system is one solution. The modern, programmable systems have the ability to monitor the moisture in the ground and automatically adjust the frequency with which water is applied, along with the amount.

Many individuals simply turn off their irrigation system during the summer months, relying on nature to provide the needed watering. The problem with the approach is that even though South Florida sees rain almost every day, the actual amounts can vary considerably.

Lawns need about ½ to ¾ inches of water twice a week to keep it healthy. Individuals making their own adjustments to their irrigation systems will need to consider the quantity of water being delivered, the frequency, uniformity of coverage, type of soil, and the time of day water is administered to the lawn.

The University of Florida IFAS Extension recommends that individuals monitor their lawns for signs that it may need water before activating their sprinkler systems. Those include footprints that remain visible on the grass, lawns that appear bluish-gray, and blades of grass that have folded in half to conserve water. Then it’s time to provide ¾ of an inch of water.

Overwatering wastes money and water. An easy way to ascertain the amount of water being delivered in a specific time period is to place empty cans around the yard and measuring the amount of water after 30 minutes of irrigation. If cans have ¾ of an inch of water after 30 minutes, individuals know how long to run their irrigation system to deliver the appropriate amount of life-giving moisture lawns need. Adjust any sprinkler heads that are under-delivering or over-delivering compared to the other heads.

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