Palm trees are a favorite of many individuals and they have a prominent place in the landscapes of South Florida. They flourish in the climate and there’s a myriad of species from which to choose. The following are some popular choices and will provide a beautiful addition to any landscape.

Canary Island Date

Native to the Canary Islands as the name indicates, it’s also known as the pineapple palm. While the dates it produces are edible, they’re not of the highest quality. The tree’s primary value is as an ornamental that grows 33 to 66 ft. tall. There are records noting rare instances of specimens attaining heights of 131 ft.

Royal Palm

Tall and stately, royal palms grow 1 to 2 ft. per year with a mature height of 50 to 80 ft., though 90 ft. heights are possible. They produce fragrant cream-colored blossoms and dark purple fruits called nuts. It can be grown indoors with sufficient light, but won’t attain its natural height. It’s resistant to a variety of insect pests and diseases.

Cat Palm

With a maximum height of 6 to 8 ft. and a fluffy appearance, its an excellent choice for growing indoors. It’s often used as a dense, short screen when grown outdoors. It’s a type of cluster palm that doesn’t have a central stem, but rather a clump of stems. It’s a slow growing palm.

Silver Date

Silver date palm is just one of the common names by which the Sylvester palm is known. It’s a slow growing species ranging from 13 to 52 ft., depending on conditions. It’s popular landscaping tree for around pools, as an accent tree and lining streets. The tree has white to yellow blossoms, the fruit can be used to make jelly and wine, and the fronds are silvery-blue in color. Date palms are some of the oldest species in the world.


Growing from 30 to 60 ft. in height, the palm can attain growth rates of 2 to 3 ft. per year under optimal  conditions. It should be planted away from buildings due to its wide root system and large crown. Foliage is silver-blue.

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