People can spend thousands of dollars trying to “sweeten” their acidic soil, Acidic soil is typically referred to as sour and there are actually plants that prefer an acidic soil. Some of them include azaleas, hydrangeas, nasturtiums and daffodils. Acidic soil loving plants also include trees such as evergreens, mountain ash, dogwood, magnolias beech and oak. Fruits such as blueberries, raspberries and cranberries also prefer acidic soil.

Soils within a neutral or alkaline range are typically what people strive for in their planting environment. Soil can become acidic from many causes, the most common of which are rainwater and human-based activities. Rain can leach minerals from the soil and environments that receive a significant amount of rain are more likely to have acidic soil.

Carbon dioxide is produced by decaying organic matter. It reacts with water in the soil to form carbonic acid – the same acid that’s present in acid rain. Fertilizers also contribute to creating acid soils and the more fertilizer that’s used, the more acidic the soil will become.


There are a number of nutrients that are more soluble in acidic soils and contribute to the growth of trees. Those grown in acidic soils can more readily absorb iron, aluminum and manganese. Acidic soils have a higher concentration of hydrogen and nutrients such as iron, copper, boron and zinc.


Some types of microbes and bacteria reproduce and thrive in acidic soils, which also play a role in a plant’s ability to use nutrients in the soil. However, acidic soil also limits the amount of decomposition that takes place of organic matter.


People with acidic soil have a couple of solutions available to them, depending on how much money they want to invest and the type of plants they want to grow. Individuals can spend thousands of dollars to sweeten the soil through the application of lime. The other solution is to grow plants that prefer acidic soils.

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