Mulch is a highly underrated addition to your landscape and it has a myriad of benefits. Multiple types of materials are being used as mulch, with those made of organic materials being the best for plantings and the soil. You may have heard some of the reasons for mulching and its benefits, but there are others of which you may not be aware.


An organic mulch provides an environment for earthworms to live and prosper. Soil with earthworms is healthier. Earthworms tunnel through the ground, allowing water and air to circulate into the soil. They also aid in breaking down organic materials to enrich the soil, as does their excrement. Avoid mulches of rubber, pebbles, polished glass and dyed wood chips if you want earthworms.

Hard Soil

Hard soils like clay and those that are tightly compacted drain slower. Mulch helps break up hard soil, allowing air and water to enter more freely.

Sandy Soil

Mulch improves sandy soil by increasing nutrient levels and improving its ability to retain moisture.

Insect Repellent

Cedar and cypress mulch contains natural oils and chemicals that insects such as ticks, fleas and gnats find unpleasant. Either type of mulch can be used around the foundation of structures to deter those insects.

Reduces Evaporation

Mulch is an excellent way to reduce the rate of evaporation around trees and bushes, and in flower beds. It helps you conserve water, which means less watering and savings on your water bills.

Damage Barrier

Placing mulch around plantings creates a barrier that prevents damage from lawnmowers and weed whackers.

Weed Growth

An application of mulch in flower beds and around larger plantings such as trees and bushes reduce weed growth by blocking sun weeds need to germinate and grow.


Watering, rainwater, and the resultant runoff can lead to erosion of soil in flower beds. Mulch aids in minimizing the problem.

Soil Temperature

Mulch helps keep soil temperatures cooler and mitigates the potential for root burn in the hot Florida sun.

 Curb Appeal

A nicely mulched landscape adds curb appeal and value to a property. It’s available in multiple colors and gives the property a more manicured appearance.

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