The best time to fertilize a lawn is often confusing for South Florida residents. The grass may look green, but that doesn’t mean it’s growing at a rate that requires a nutritional supplement.

Most grass has an active growing cycle and a period of dormancy when it rests. Turf grass in South Florida is different, as it grows year-round. Never fertilize unless the grass is in a high growth phase.

Established Lawns

A lawn should receive their first fertilizer application during the spring. The best time is mid-February, approximately 2 weeks after the first new growth appears. Fertilizer will need to be applied two more times during each season – one in the summer and one in the fall.

Be careful when making the last application in the autumn. Don’t fertilize any later than mid-September. The grass won’t be able to absorb as many nutrients and the fertilizer may be washed into waterways where it can contribute to algae blooms.

New Lawns

For lawns that have been recently planted or installed, it’s best to wait 2 to 3 months before applying fertilizer for the first time. The grass needs time to establish itself and sink down roots.

Type of Fertilizer

Homeowners should look for a fertilizer that provides fast and slow-release nitrogen. It should contain 2 percent phosphorous or lower to comply with Florida State Law. Individuals will also need to know how many square feet their lawn encompasses and use instructions on the bag to apply the correct amount.

Keep it Simple

Everyone wants a lush, green carpet of grass. It takes planning to accomplish that goal. Individuals are well able to apply their own fertilizer and at the right times. However, for those that don’t feel confident in their abilities, it’s best to hire a professional to make the application and conduct an inspection of the lawn.

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