There’s no reason to spread grass seed, add fertilizer, and water in the hope of sprouting a new lawn when adding sod is so much easier and provides a lush carpet of ready-made grass. The best time to lay sod in Florida is typically April through July. Those times allow the grass to settle and grow for an entire season before cooler weather arrives.

Sod is grass that’s already been planted and grown in soil. The grass roots are very dense and helps hold the sod together while it’s manipulated, cut, and laid down in its ultimate destination. It’s most commonly available in rolls that have been precut into one long slab and are rolled out into the desired area, but precut squares that are laid down individually are also offered by some landscapers for spot jobs.

Sod is an excellent solution for anyone that wants to enjoy their lawn immediately rather than enduring the time it takes for a seeded lawn to grow. The time sod is added will also depend on the type of grass desired. Some types prefer certain conditions to get the best start when it’s first planted, while others can be planted almost any time. St. Augustine grass, for example, should be laid when nighttime temperatures are between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sod will require light yet frequent watering for the first two to three weeks after it’s laid to help it set and begin growing in its new environment. Fertilizer shouldn’t be applied until at least 60 days have passed and a sodded lawn shouldn’t be mowed for at least three to four weeks.

Laying sod in the early spring or autumn won’t provide the grass with the temperatures required for vigorous growth. Roots go dormant and growth stops when soil temperatures are 55 degrees or less. Planted at the right time and with proper care, individuals can enjoy an instant lawn that will grow even thicker and lusher as the year progresses.

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