There’s a wealth of advantages to mulching the plants in any yard. The best time of year to mulch is spring when the soil begins to warm, but before the hot days of summer come rolling in. Doing so provides a variety of advantages for the plants and is easier on gardeners.

Supplements Soil

Mulch is an easy way to supplement the soil around trees, bushes, vines and flower beds. Organic mulch breaks down and enriches soil. It’s especially important in landscapes that are built on poor soil. There are many types of mulch from which to choose, with cypress, pine, eucalyptus and cedar being the favorites.

Reduces Evaporation

Mulch reduces the rate at which moisture leaves the soil. It’s an excellent way to conserve water, reduce watering, and save on water bills. A byproduct of reducing evaporation is that it encourages the proliferation of earthworms that are essential for healthier soil.

Reduces Weeds

One of the great things about mulch is that it works to minimize weed growth, which means less work for gardeners. For DIY fans, it’s a good idea to remove as many weeds as possible before laying the mulch.

Beautiful Landscapes

Mulch is available in a variety of colors that enhance the beauty and value of properties. Undyed mulch can begin to turn gray over time and may need to be replaced to maintain the aesthetic value.


Mulch will need to be replenished periodically as it decomposes or becomes discolored. It will typically need to be removed and replaced every 5 years or so, but much will depend on the amount of rainfall, the type of mulch, exposure to sun, and high winds. Mulch of wood bark will typically last longer than mulch composed of wood chips and shredded mulch will need to be replaced most often.

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