If your plantings aren’t meeting the vision you have for your garden, there are multiple ways to revitalize it and bring the garden back to vibrant life. Each garden is different and may call for a combination of methods. Much will depend on what you want to accomplish, how much work you want to invest in the process, and your budget.

Take Stock

Make a list of existing plants and anything you do or don’t like about them. They may be invasive, not suitable for the soil or climate, and require extensive tending that you may not have the time to perform. A plant may have overgrown its space and you may even discover that a pretty plant you chose is actually toxic to people and pets.

Thinning and Trimming

There’s no way around it – some of those plants will need to be thinned and trimmed to aid in eliminating clutter. That can encompass hiring a professional service to safely remove trees that are diseased, dying or interfering with the growth of other plantings. Trimming and thinning are excellent ways to promote new growth and blooming on poorly performing vines and bushes.

Transplant or Remove

You may want to transplant some plants to a new location if their sun, shade or moisture requirements aren’t being met. Another solution for plants you really want to keep but have outgrown their space, is to simply remove part of them. Don’t forget the value of leaving spaces for highly colorful annuals. Don’t despair over plants that must be completely removed – it’s an inevitable part of the process.

Soil and Mulch

Soil loses nutrients as plants use them. Be sure to check pH levels and amend the soil or fertilize as needed. Without proper nutrients, no garden will thrive and flourish. Mulch is also a critical ingredient. It preserves moisture and aids in minimizing weeds. If you have little time for the upkeep of a garden but want the benefits, choose plants that require little maintenance and grow well in the South Florida climate.

Hard Features

You may also want to plan for some hard features in your garden such as accent lighting, fountains, waterfalls, birdbaths, and pathways. It will all depend on the size of the garden and your budget, but even without hard features, you can bring your garden to life and make it the envy of your neighborhood.

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