If you’re experiencing brown outs and bare spots in your lawn, you may be cutting the grass too short. Like any plant, grass requires a certain amount of available green growth to remain healthy. Shorter isn’t always best when it comes to lawns. You should only be removing about 1/3 of the grass blade each time you mow, which makes the optimal grass height for mowing about 3 2/3 inches.

When you cut your grass too often and leave it too short, you’re setting the stage for a myriad of problems to develop and they only grow worse over time. If the damage is severe and has been going on for a while, you may have to reseed the lawn.

Many people mistakenly believe that fertilizing the lawn will alleviate the problem. Instead, it can burn the lawn. If the damage isn’t too severe, fertilizing will make it grow lusher and lead to a vicious cycle of additional growth and mowing, while failing to address the original problem.

Lawns that are too short are ripe for the invasion of weeds and damage from heat. Grass that’s too short doesn’t have the necessary energy reserves from the roots for growth. The blades of grass will weaken and can even lead to its demise with no hope of coming back.

It’s also important to keep mower blades sharp to create a clean cut and prevent grass blades from being torn and shredded. The frayed ends of grass will turn brown and leaves the lawn vulnerable to a variety of diseases that can be expensive to address. Grass that’s growing in shaded areas can benefit from being left at a slightly longer height when mowing.

Cutting your grass too short will deplete root resources. If the brown spots in your lawn are the result of cutting too short, they can grow back if they’re only a few inches across but the process will be slow.

The best solution is to increase the blade height of your mower, even if it means mowing more frequently. Alternately, you can hire a professional lawn care service that has a deep understanding of lawn grass and can establish an appropriate lawn mowing schedule.

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