Most people are surprised to learn that South Florida has a dry season. The entire state is typically characterized as a tropical environment 365 days a year. October through May marks the official dry season and in January, the state can receive as little as 1.5 inches of rainfall.

A lawn is more than just the green space that surrounds homes and businesses. It’s an eco-friendly way to reduce erosion and glare, buffer sound, cool the environment, and filter contaminates. A lush lawn provides curb appeal and increases home values. However, the road to a healthy lawn is dependent upon proper care throughout the year, especially during the dry season.


Different types of grass have specific care requirements. The most common turf grass in South Florida is St. Augustine grass. The final fertilizer application should be timed for early fall in South Florida. The amount of fertilizer will depend on if the lawn is established or newly created, the type of soil, pH levels, and overall health.


Many homeowners keep their lawns too short. The average lawn should be maintained at a height of about three inches. Lower grass heights open the door to insect pests such as nematodes and doesn’t let the grass root as securely.

Short lawns are less resistant to drought. Only 1/3 of the grass height should be removed at one time. To keep a lawn at three inches, mow when it’s about 4-4.5 inches tall. Be sure to keep lawn mower blades sharp so they cut cleanly rather than tearing the grass. Let grass clipping dry before removing them.


During the dry season, irrigation is called for when the grass doesn’t easily recover. It begins to have a blue-green appearance, or it starts to wilt. About ¾ of an inch is usually sufficient during the dry season when turf grass isn’t growing as vigorously and should be applied on an as-needed basis.

Weeds and Insects

Controlling weeds and insects is a year-round task. There are different types of weed killers that can be applied, but it’s essential that homeowners know the difference. There are weed killers for actively growing weeds and herbicides for pre-emerging weeds.

The same is true for insect control. Applying insecticides can actually make a lawn more susceptible to damage and disease. It’s always best to consult with a lawn care professional with the knowledge, training and experience to provide expert guidance.

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