An irrigation system helps keep your landscaping well-watered, eliminates labor-intensive watering by hand, and aids in saving money. Modern systems are equipped with sensors that can identify when moisture is needed, eliminating overwatering or underwatering. You’ll need to consult with an irrigation professional, who will design and install the system. There are multiple factors that will need to be considered.

Traditional sprinkler irrigation systems deliver water to the top of the ground and the moisture soaks into the ground. It’s the most common type of system used by homes and businesses. You can also utilize a drip irrigation system, a highly effective, efficient and eco-friendly method of watering the landscape. It delivers water directly to the roots through underground installations and it’s beneficial for minimizing weed growth.

Lawn Size

The larger the yard, the more sprinkler heads will be needed and they’ll have to be calibrated to release the correct amount of water over the entire landscape.


Plantings have different water requirements that must be met. The sprinkler heads in the irrigation system will need to be adjusted to deliver a specific amount of water within each different zone to ensure moisture amounts are correct for different plantings.

Water Source

Water may contain a variety of minerals that can be detrimental to plants and has the potential to clog irrigation systems with sediment. Water sources may also contain bacteria or algae that can damage plantings.


Normal rainfall will have a significant impact on the irrigation system. It’s just one of the reasons that an irrigation system with moisture detection sensors is so important. The system will only activate when needed. Systems without sensors will activate on a predetermined schedule, which can result in overwatering that kills your plants and lawns if there’s been a recent rainfall.


The type of soil will be an essential factor in your irrigation system. Different soil types absorb water at different rates. Your irrigation system will need to be calibrated to release different amounts of water, depending on the soil’s absorption rate.


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