An irrigation system is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to have an attractive commercial property while saving money on the costs to maintain it. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t understand the importance of irrigation and still have visions of old-fashioned systems that were wasteful and expensive.

Modern irrigation systems are no joke. They’re highly complicated and complex systems that are carefully designed and planned. They contain automated systems to ensure the plants on a property have the proper amount of water without overwatering. The systems are designed to meet the needs of plantings that also take into account soil composition, land slopes, available water pressure, and drainage concerns.

There is also the type of sprinkler head to consider. There are multiple types, they emit different amounts of water, and will cause problems within the irrigation system and the health of the plantings. An irrigation professional will know how far apart to place each head for the specific needs of the property.

Wiring is required for the valves that determine how much water each zone receives and to shut off when the watering cycle is complete. One of the most important services an irrigation professional will provide is aiming the flow of water that comes from the sprinkler heads. Water will be directed toward plantings and not onto sidewalks or over curb edges. Some areas even have laws against watering sidewalks due to the potential for slip and fall accidents.

Modern irrigation systems are programmable and will be set to water during the late evening or early morning hours. Water during those times results in maximum absorption for plantings, while aiding in preventing the growth of mold, mildew and fungi. The high-tech systems also have sensors that detect when rain has fallen and will prevent irrigation from commencing until the soil is dry enough.

Commercial irrigation systems eliminate the work of watering and the guesswork of trying to determine if plantings have received enough moisture. They reduce water usage and costs, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance for any type of commercial property.

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