Irrigation is an essential element for keeping the grass lush and green at commercial sites. A green site is inviting, increases the value, and makes a positive statement about the property. Unfortunately, many managers and owners are fixated on the structures and overlook the highly-important aspect of the outward appearance of the grounds.

It doesn’t matter how well maintained buildings may appear, if the grounds are surrounded by brown grass, trees and bushes, it will make a bad impression on potential investors, renters and buyers. They won’t see the potential and assume that structures are in a similar state as the lawn. Well-maintained grounds provide a higher return on investment and it all begins with an irrigation system.

Modern irrigation systems are convenient and economical. An irrigation specialist can install a system that automatically applies the proper amount of water and at the correct time to promote the growth of strong, healthy roots. The expert will configure the system to minimize pooling, puddling, runoff, and ensure owners aren’t watering sidewalks and paved areas.

Property owners have choices when installing irrigation. Traditional irrigation systems use sprinkler heads to disperse water over the greatest amount of space and distance. They can be programmed to perform scheduled deep watering for optimal growth. Grounds that have been neglected or are dying need more careful attention until they’ve recovered.

One of the most efficient and cost-effective options is a drip irrigation system and they’re particularly advantageous for flower beds and similar areas. Water is slowly introduced into the soil directly at ground level. The water doesn’t touch leaves or blossoms, thereby eliminating unsightly water marks that can occur and it discourages the growth of blight and mold.

Automated irrigation systems eliminate the time-consuming job of watering, allowing staff to handle other tasks. The systems are economical to operate and provide the moisture needed to keep commercial properties green and inviting.

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