Owners of commercial properties can use landscaping to add value to their business. It aids in attracting customers, increasing employee productivity, and improving safety and security. Eco-friendly landscaping will save money on utility bills, time and maintenance. It’s important to hire a professional that can provide advice and guidance, along with installation and maintenance services. The following are major dos and don’ts of proper landscaping.

  1. Planning

Proper planning will influence every aspect of the landscape Don’t attempt any landscaping project without a plan. Doing so will almost guarantee a haphazard look that’s unappealing and will detract from the property’s value.

  1. Mature Growth

Don’t forget when selecting trees and bushes that they will become larger and spread as they mature. Consider how tall trees will be, their canopy width, and growth habit. Bushes will spread and become taller and wider.

  1. Eliminate Undesirables

Trees and shrubs that have overgrown their space, become damaged, or have fallen prey to insects or disease should be eliminated. They present a potentially dangerous environment for people, buildings and equipment. They obscure views that can be a security risk. Don’t be afraid to remove them.

  1. Big or Small

Commercial property owners will need to decide if they want to install large or small versions of trees and shrubs. Planting younger, smaller trees and bushes allows everyone to watch them evolve as they grow. Planting larger versions provides more immediate benefits.

  1. Linear Lines

Don’t be afraid to deviate from linear plantings. Trees, bushes, flower beds and walkways can all be designed along curved lines to add interest and minimize monotony.

  1. Curb Appeal

Do consider the curb appeal factor when landscaping. It adds value to the property and attracts customers.

  1. Maintenance

Don’t forget the maintenance element. Some plants need frequent trimming and shaping, while others require minimal attention. The landscape quickly turns into a nightmare if the time or money to maintain it isn’t available. A landscaping professional provides valuable assistance in creating a low-maintenance landscape.

  1. Multiples

A few specimen plants can add visual interest, but consider multiple types of the same trees, bushes or flowers in a bed. Odd numbers are best and are aesthetically pleasing. Do remember that a single tree or bush can get lost in the overall landscape and creating swaths of color is more visually appealing than a single color.

  1. Weeds

Don’t forget to keep track of the weeds. A landscaping company has multiple techniques that can be used to significantly minimize weed growth, but there’s no way to eliminate them all.

  1. Budgeting

Part of the planning process is knowing what type of budget is available for the installation phase, but it’s also critical for ongoing care and maintenance. Even low-maintenance and eco-friendly landscapes will need trimming, mulching, fertilizing and other services. Those funds will need to be budgeted for each year.

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