Commercial landscapes provide aesthetically pleasing environments that are attractive to clients. It’s also beneficial for employees and has been proven to increase productivity. A well planned and designed landscape can be a distinguishing and identifying feature for a business. The following are some of the most common commercial landscape mistakes.

Unqualified Professional

It’s imperative that business owners hire a landscaping company with the experience and extensive knowledge required to install a landscape. Unqualified professionals leave companies vulnerable to safety and security issues, along with potential lawsuits. The company should have years of experience in commercial landscapes, be licensed and bonded, and have all the appropriate certifications for the work that will be performed. The company’s professionals should be someone that actually listens to what you want.

Traffic Flow

Depending upon the type of commercial enterprise, there will be employee vehicles, clients, deliveries, and even heavy trucks entering and exiting. The landscape must be able to provide convenient access to all those types of traffic and room to maneuver. The exits and entrances must be placed in a way that doesn’t interfere with the flow of surrounding roadway traffic.


Landscapes will need irrigation and they’ll also be subjected to potentially heavy rains. Proper drainage ensures there won’t be ponding, puddling or flooding. It will also prevent areas from becoming mud pits. Even more important, without proper drainage, water can build up that will damage structures.


Illumination is required to promote safety and security. That doesn’t mean just installing lighting that shines on the building. Landscape illumination mitigates the potential for injuries throughout the landscape and can be artfully placed. Don’t install lighting at angles that create glare.


Flowers, trees, shrubs, and ornamental grass are all plantings that can be used in commercial landscapes for year-round interest. The same plants that are ideal for residential areas won’t necessarily work in commercial landscapes. The mature size of trees and bushes must be considered, along with their root systems. Planted too close to structures, curbs and walkways, they may cause pavement to break and heave. Plantings must also be kept clear of utility lines, transformers, and HVAC units.

Pavement Materials

Whether it’s a parking lot or walkway, non-slip surfaces are essential and areas must be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Sloped areas should be kept to a minimum whenever possible around buildings.

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