A lush, green outdoor environment requires water, but ensuring that lawns and plantings obtain the liquid they need can be expensive and result in unintended consequences that include pooling, puddling, runoff, and erosion. There are a variety of ways to control water consumption ranging from irrigation systems to landscaping.

One way to control water consumption is by installing plants that have low water requirements. A variety of trees and bushes provide beauty and shade, while offering flowers that are attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds and fruits that attract song birds.

Flowers such as bougainvillea, moss roses, living stones and blanket flowers require less water than most and bloom readily in beds for a splash of color. Many also have dense root balls that won’t be easily uprooted in the event of heavy rains. Mulching will help hold moisture longer and impede evaporation for less watering.

An irrigation system makes any watering task easier. Today’s systems are programmable to manage the delivery of water. They provide the right amount of water at the correct time for efficiency and savings in time and money. The best time to water is early morning or late in the evening to minimize evaporation.

A properly landscaped property will go a long way toward avoiding problems with drainage that can result in unwanted runoff that wastes water and deprives plants of the moisture they need. Landscaping for controlling water consumption can include a variety of methods that also provide attractive features and interest in residential and commercial areas.

One way is to use rocks in low spots to create a “rock creek.” Perforated pipes can be installed that channels water into the ground rather than letting it pool. Another technique is creating a rain garden that captures moisture for less watering.

With the proper landscaping, anyone can have lush, green grounds without spending a fortune on watering costs. The installation of metered irrigation systems eliminates water wastage and the time-consuming task of watering. A landscaping professional can design and create a complete eco-system that controls water consumption in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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