The sound of water is soothing and relaxing, and many people are constructing backyard waterfalls to rest and recharge. The design includes a small pond. The array of premade pond liners makes it easy to create an aquatic retreat, even for those that have little space.

The Pond

Choose a pre-made pond size to accommodate the space available. The pond is where the water will fall into. Individuals will also need a pump to circulate the water when the cascading wall is complete. Choose where the pond will go.

If there’s a small slope in the yard, it can be utilized to attain more height for the water to fall. A small slope can be created if desired. Dig a hole, place the pond, and fill in around it with the dirt that was removed. A slight incline is needed for the water to run down and back into the pool.

A channel will need to be established between the waterfall and the pond. There are premade channels that can be purchased where the pond was bought. Individuals can also use a flexible liner laid on the ground between the falls and the pond. Rocks can be placed on the liner to hold it down and hide it.

The Waterfall

There are a number of premade waterfalls that can be purchased and easily incorporated into the design. Some are made of precast plastic or concrete. For those that have access to approximately 30 rocks, a waterfall can be constructed, but the rocks will need to be fairly flat with squarish, sharp edges to facilitate water moving over them.

Plastic tubing will need to be run between the pond and the falls. A clay flowerpot works well to anchor and hide the pump, and hold the tubing in place while other work is performed. The tubing will run from the pump to the top of the rocks, where it will cascade over the rocks, down the channel and back into the pool.


A pump is critical to move the water and that will necessitate access to electricity. Individuals will need to have a certified electrician install a line of power to the pond. It’s important to turn off the power whenever individuals are gone or the backyard waterfall isn’t in use.

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