Raised garden beds are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. They require less weeding, provide more growing space, and are an elegant solution for locations that have poor soil. A raised bed is warmer earlier in the year which extends the growing season, aids in preventing depredations by moles, gophers and other pests, and promotes water retention.

They can be created at any height for ease, comfort, and to accommodate individuals with disabilities. They can be constructed with a multitude of materials ranging from wood and metal stock tanks to blocks and concrete and can last for up to 20 years, depending on the selected materials. The beauty of a raised bed is that it can rest on the ground or on support legs for an elevated solution.

The best lumber for gardens constructed of wood is redwood, cedar, or black locust due to their resistance to rot and treated lumber is safe to use for raised beds. Cinder blocks and concrete are durable but can retain more heat than is desirable in the South Florida climate. Cinderblocks are far less expensive than concrete and individuals are getting creative with recycled items.

Raised beds can be constructed in any size dimensions or shapes desired. The beds don’t have to be deep to be effective. A raised bed that’s 14 inches high will accommodate most plants, while some have had success with beds built of untreated 2x4s for a height of six inches.

No matter what material or form that individuals choose, laying down plastic or other types of gardening material in the bottom before adding soil is critical for gardens resting on the ground. Failure to do so will result in weed growth coming from beneath the bed.

Raised gardens offer multiple benefits and enables gardeners to maximize their tillable area. Once the beds are installed, there will be far less work to keep them weed-free. Individuals can begin their annual planting much earlier whether it’s a vegetable oasis, kitchen garden spices, or simply a place to plant flowers for personal enjoyment.

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