Edging is an extremely useful tool within the landscape. It clearly delineates the line between flower beds and lawn and provides a clear barrier to keep visitors out of certain areas. It facilitates the creation of crisp lines for a well-groomed landscape and prevents grass from entering flower beds, while working to keep mulch or gravel from straying out of bounds.

Edging can take multiple forms, from simple trench types to luxury paving stones. The method and material will be dictated by its primary purpose and personal preference. Most edging is function-based, but some types known as beauty edging are offered entirely for their aesthetic value.

No matter what the purpose, edging should complement the existing landscape. Much will depend on whether the individual is seeking a smooth blending of shades or a splash of color to draw attention.

Variety of Options

Edging is offered in heavy-duty plastic, wood, brick, steel and masonry. Options are available for those that prefer an informal look and those that want a very formal style. Edging can be low and flat or wide and high.

  • Plastic edging is flexible, easy to install, and highly affordable.
  • Metal edging is much like the plastic variety, lasts longer, but is far less flexible.
  • Brick is long-lasting, available in a wide range of styles and colors, provides a uniform appearance, and can be used to customize a design.
  • Concrete edging is offered in pre-formed, ready to use sections. It can be installed as-is or custom designs can be created.
  • Stone is versatile, can be used in conjunction with mortar, and equally applicable for formal and freestyle appearances.
  • Wood is an affordable option and works best for straight lines. Wooden edging typically lasts about 10 years and is most often used when an informal appearance is desired.

Every edging type requires preparation and specific installation for it to be effective and the work involved can be considerable. Edging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create lines and borders within a landscape and satisfy the aesthetic desires for any property.

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