The most efficient and cost effective way to water the landscape is with a programmable irrigation system that delivers an exact amount of water in different areas according to the needs of the plantings. For those that haven’t had a system installed, there are other ways to make the task of watering less tedious, time consuming, and more cost effective.

Efficient irrigation doesn’t have to be an elaborate or expensive set up. Those caring for small gardens can purchase drip/trickle irrigation or soaker hoses that connect directly to an outside faucet. Rather than spraying water through the air, drip and soaker hoses release small amounts of water directly onto the ground around plantings. They can reduce water usage by 30 to 70 percent.

Soil sensors are a great way to monitor the moisture in lawns and beds. They eliminate the guesswork of trying to determine if the lawn needs to be watered. The devices can be incorporated throughout lawns or beds to ascertain if a specific area requires water. The sensors help to eliminate over or under watering.

A spray hose attachment is another alternative. With the attachment, individuals can direct water at the plants that need it while leaving surrounding soil dry. An added benefit is that aids in minimizing weed growth.

Watering at the right time is equally important. Watering at night or early in the morning minimizes evaporation from the sun’s rays. It also helps to minimize the scalding of plants. Consider collecting rainwater and using it to water small areas and hanging baskets.

Mulching does much more than reduce weed growth. It also works to retain moisture around plantings and enables flowers, trees and shrubs to go longer between waterings.

Some professional landscapers are adding water retentive gels or granules to soil. They soak up water like a sponge and retain it where it’s available to plants. Individuals shouldn’t try to utilize this method on their own. Creating the right formula of soil to granules is a very precise science.

Individuals should also consider plantings that require less water to flourish. There are numerous options available that are aesthetically pleasing and accommodate gardeners’ desire for unique plants and brightly colored blossoms.

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