An increasing number of people are turning to gardening to provide fresh food and to alleviate stress. Gardening can be extremely relaxing and provides opportunities for bonding experiences with children. Before deciding to plant a garden, consider how the bounty of the garden will be used and whether seeds will be planted in the ground or in raised boxes. It’s possible to create an urban garden that’s appealing to every member of the family.

Raised Beds

Easy to construct or purchase as pre-made, raised beds are easier to establish, maintain, and ensure the plants are receiving adequate water and nourishment. Raised boxes can be crafted in any size desired. Just add soil and they’re ready to plant. Depending on the available space, individual boxes can be assigned to children of different ages so they can grow their favorite vegetables – just don’t be surprised if they choose flowers instead of edibles.

Vertical Vegetables

Growing vertical veggies saves space, makes harvesting easier, and its fun for youngsters. There are multiple types of beans, peas and tomatoes that can be grown around a three-piece pole “teepee.” There’s also climbing spinach and cucumbers can be trained on trellises. While not edible, the smallest varieties of gourds and pumpkins can be grown vertically and appeal to children.


Great for gardeners with little space, container gardening isn’t just for flowers. Primarily used for salad greens and herbs, containers can also accommodate produce that includes peppers, green onions and mini cucumbers. They can be placed on decks and patios.

Preferred Vegetables

Perhaps the most important consideration when gardening is to plant vegetables that the whole family actually likes and will eat. Crops can even be rotated throughout the year. Some, such as lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes and carrots are cool weather crops that grow best before the heat of high summer arrives. Warm weather crops include zucchini, watermelon, sweet potatoes, okra and eggplant.

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