Mosquitos are a food source for multiple species, but they’re a nuisance for people. They
deliver itchy bites, spread disease and parasites, and are attracted to sweet scents. There are a
number of flowers and plants that provide a natural repellant to the irritating insects that
should have a place in every outdoor space.
The herb attracts pollinators, repels mosquitos and can even kill mosquito larvae before they
hatch to reduce the insect’s population.
Also known as mosquito grass, it’s an ingredient in insect repellents ranging from sprays to
candles. The grass can be planted in the yard, but be aware that it can grow up to 6 ft. tall and
just as wide.
The aroma of this herb is a powerful and effective repellent for insects that crawl or fly.
Lemon-scented geraniums have a scent similar to citronella, making them a great repellent.
They have cheery flowers, but the lemon scented leaves are the advantage for repelling
multiple types of insects.
The power of lavender is twofold. It deters mosquitos and attracts pollinators. The plant
produces fragrant flowers and requires little attention.
The herb grows on woody stalks, resembles green onions, and has a citrus scent that’s effective
in keeping mosquitos at bay.
The plant produces brightly colored flowers and repels mosquitos and other types of insects.
It’s available in multiple colors and heights.

Spearmint, peppermint, patchouli, and catnip are all excellent repellents for mosquitos and
other types of insects. Grow mint plants in a pot to contain its growth.
A vining plant, it has colorful blooms and instead of repelling mosquitos, it works to attract
them to where its planted and away from people.
It not only repels the biting bugs, it’s a versatile herb used in a variety of dishes. Plant it in the
yard or garden.

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