When people think about fragrance in the garden, they typically envision annual or perennial flowers in beds, borders or containers with a profusion of blooms. There are several different types of bushes and vines with lush foliage and highly fragrant blossoms that produce a pleasant aroma. They can generate enough fragrance to scent an entire yard and with some the aroma is particularly strong at night.

The following plants are especially attractive to hummingbirds, along with pollinators such as bees and butterflies. The philosophy of Feng shui says that fragrant flowers planted in a front yard will attract natural energy. Studies have also shown that fragrant flowers can reduce stress.

Evergreen Clematis

The lush foliage is ideal for screens and to trail over fences since they’re fast growing. It produces small flowers at a time when other plants typically don’t and the flowers are sweetly scented.


These shrubs are well-known for their shiny foliage and strongly-scented white blossoms. Their fragrance has been described as exotic and intoxicating and the plant is highly valued for its use in high-end perfumes.

Night Blooming Jasmine

While not a true jasmine, it has attractive glossy green leaves and white flowers that are highly aromatic. It’s highly cultivated in Asia and India for its use in perfume making. It’s a shrub that can grow up to 10 feet tall and the fragrance can be overpowering if someone is sensitive to scents. Use caution when planting, however. It produces berries that are toxic to people and pets if ingested.

Sweet Almond

Also known as incense bush, it’s a large shrub that produces white flower spikes and will bloom intermittently year-round. When in bloom, it fills the air with a scent that’s been described as that of almonds, almond cookies or amaretto liquor.


This vine can be left to ramble over fences and trellises, or trained to grow in the form of a bush. Depending on the variety, flower spikes can range from 6-12 inches in length and the scent fills the air long before the plant is spotted. It’s especially attractive to pollinators.

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