A lush green lawn is a pleasure to behold, offering a multitude of opportunities for entertaining and spending time with family and friends. A lawn requires far more than mowing to keep it looking inviting and that’s where a full-service lawn care professional like RCH Landscaping of Boca Raton is essential.

Lawn services can include landscaping and irrigation system installation, along with seeding, fertilizing, mowing, edging, weed-eating, and leaf/grass blowing. It may also include tree and shrub trimming, mulching, dethatching and aeration, treating the lawn for insect pests or diseases, and removing any vegetative debris when necessary.

Lawn grass encompasses a myriad of varieties, not all of which are appropriate for every type of soil. Some grass requires less water than others, while some varieties are best used on steep slopes or in high traffic areas. The installation of an irrigation system offers convenience and saves money and time. A high-tech system can be programmed to water on a schedule that accommodates the type of grass.

The pH content of the soil will have an impact on the type of grass used and the fertilizer. The pH level can be adjusted, but it can be expensive and take time to show results. Professional lawn care specialists will know how to test pH levels and the appropriate materials to use for the type of grass desired and seed the area if needed.

Fertilizer is an essential element for a lawn that looks good year-round, but it must be applied at the correct time and in the right amount. Depending on the composition of the fertilizer, it will nourish the grass in different ways and feed the needs of the roots for growth of greenery.

Two of the biggest mistakes that property owners make is mowing their lawn too often and cutting it too short. The type of grass in the lawn, prevailing weather conditions and the season of the year must all be factored into a mowing schedule that maintains the lawn without damaging the grass.

A full-service lawn care company will know how to aerate and dethatch a lawn for better growth, be able to trim hedges appropriately and treat lawns to control insect pests or eradicate common diseases that can result in brown outs. A professional lawn service will also be able to perform edging that creates crisp, clean lines between driveways, patios and flower beds for a manicured appearance.

RCH Landscaping is a full service landscape company based in Boca Raton, Florida. We design, install, and maintain Commercial and Residential landscapes all around Boca Raton, Delray Beach and The Palm Beach areas. Our team of highly skilled landscape technicians have an undisputed track record of creating and maintaining beautiful commercial and residential landscapes all over South Florida.

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