Landscaping encompasses much more than simply planting a few flowers or trees. It’s an investment in a business that increases its value, presents a positive appearance, and has the ability to attract new customers.

Color affects people in a positive way on an emotional and psychological level. It’s the color of renewal and growth, both of which commercial enterprises want to cultivate to potential customers and established clients. Properly landscaped grounds invite people to stop and come inside. Green in all of its many shades is a cheerful color that makes people feel good, and by extension, good about the business.

The first thing any potential customer will notice, whether it’s a small business or a corporate complex, is the exterior. Commercial landscaping draws and directs the eye across the grounds and to the structures. Curb appeal isn’t just for residential dwellings. If the grounds of a commercial property don’t look inviting, individuals will have the same feeling about the entire property and business.

Commercial landscaping factors in the natural features of the land, the best type of plantings for the soil, and irrigation systems to meet soil and plant requirements. It also includes performing needed maintenance on a regular basis, removing any damaged limbs, trees or other plantings, and enhancing building entrances. Even small updates and improvements can make a big difference in the way customers perceive a business.

Managers and owners often equate the aesthetic appeal of a commercial property with the appearance of the structures it contains. While that’s an extremely important aspect, a pleasing green environment has been proven to boost employee productivity, improve workers’ overall health, and attract new customers.

Commercial landscaping is a specialty that requires careful planning and execution. It’s best left to a professional landscaping company that has the knowledge, experience and expertise to transform commercial properties into showcases that will work to retain current clients, attract new customers, and encourage productivity.

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