The unique weather conditions in Florida means that you can still have colorful blossoms, even during the cooler months. Many flowering annuals can be planted in October and will provide color until spring.

African Daisy

Similar in appearance to a daisy, they’re available in striking single and bi-colored varieties. They’re especially prolific when temperatures are in the 50s or 60s. They’re great in beds, borders, and containers.


Bold golden or yellow flowers and easy-care plants make this a favorite for brightening up any location. They’re best in beds and borders, but won’t balk at containers.


Variegated, heart-shaped leaves and blooms in an array of colors are the hallmarks of this plant. They make a big impact in the garden or when planted in pots or containers.


There are dozens of fragrant species that achieve multiple heights and even a light frost won’t stop them. They’re great in borders or containers and some are tough enough that they’re classified as bi-annuals.

Dusty Miller

While they do bloom, the main attraction with these is their silver foliage. They’re an ideal filler plant for baskets and containers. They’re resistant to deer, drought, and disease.


These vigorous plants bloom profusely in cooler weather. They come in an assortment of colors, in upright and trailing varieties, that are great in pots, planters, and window boxes.


These cheerful flowers love cooler weather and are available in a multitude of colors. They can be planted in beds, pots or containers.


These hardy and prolific flowers actually do better outside the heat of summer. They’re available in solid and uniquely striped bi-colors and are happy in beds, pots or containers.


They’re available in dwarf, standard and trailing types in multiple, vibrant colors. Depending on the size, they’re excellent in beds, containers and as cut flowers.

Sweet Alyssum

Bountiful blooms in multiple colors on small plants make them a welcome addition. They’re fragrant and perfectly happy in pots, borders and beds.

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