Florida is one of just a few states that are home to palm trees. According to the Department of Biological Sciences, the state is home to 12 native species and dozens of imported varieties. Some can be very fast growing and require significant care to keep them healthy and in good condition.

When most people think of palm trees, they envision the majestic royal palm featured in a wide variety of films and TV shows. They’re majestic, stately, and healthy trees are beautiful to behold. They can reach heights of up to 80 ft. in urban settings with a canopy spread of up to 25 ft., but Floridians grow an amazing number of species that includes coconut palms.

One of the more interesting aspects of palms is that they will automatically shed dying fronds at a rate of approximately one per month. It’s a simple task to dispose of the downed fronds, but it can be dangerous for anyone unfortunate enough to be on the ground when one falls. Damaged or dying fronds should be removed whenever they’re observed and coconuts harvested before they fall on pedestrians or structures.

Palms can tolerate salt spray, withstand high winds, and weather a hurricane. They can also be prone to mineral deficiencies and diseases so it’s imperative that they’re fertilized appropriate to the soil in which they’re planted and that they’re inspected for diseases and insect pests. Palms also have specific water requirements that can be met with an irrigation system.

Palms typically don’t have very deep root systems. The root balls don’t branch much or expand like ordinary trees such as maples and oaks. That trait can put them at risk of tipping as they attain more height. Owners of palms need to be vigilant about trees that exhibit leaning tendencies.

Palms are one of the most beautiful of trees, with some living to be 100 years old. They grow well in urban environments and their root growth habits means they’re less likely to damage sidewalks, pathways and other paved areas. With regular care and maintenance, they can provide shade and visual interest for many years to come.

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