Most people automatically think of plants when they hear the word landscape, but it also encompasses a wide variety of other features that enhance, beautify, and add interest and value to properties. Within landscapes, there are ample opportunities to incorporate hardscapes.

Hardscapes can include paved paths and driveways, fountains, waterfalls, and pools, along with statuary, patios, fire pits and retaining walls. It can embrace decks, gazebos, pergolas, and stairways. Hardscape features are those made of materials such as metal, stone, brick, concrete and wood – the non-living elements within a landscape.

A hardscape can be decorative, practical or both. It can be as simple as adding a bench or something more complicated such as installing fencing. The elements work together to complement current or future landscaping, the architectural style of a home or business, improve functionality of the outdoor space, and meet the needs of the property owner.

Hardscaping is also an efficient and effective way to create a sense of dimension or emphasize boundaries between properties or other elements in the landscape. Fences and water hardscapes are particularly beneficial for masking traffic noise and water hardscapes are desirable for relaxing and entertaining.

In the past, the practice was typically to utilize one type of hardscaping to the exclusion of another. Today, the trend in cutting edge landscape design is to combine features for a more well-rounded approach or create ‘zones.’

Other trends include sleek and modern that utilizes linear and contemporary design with modern materials such as porcelain, that’re easy to clean and maintain. Another trend features multipurpose walls that double as benches, raised planters, or garden beds in which to grow a kitchen garden. Adding state-of-the-art lighting is also popular and contributes to safety and security.

No matter what type of hardscapes you may have envisioned, your landscape designer is sure to have ideas and concepts you may never have even considered. A landscape professional can introduce you to a wide variety of hardscape options and assist you in deciding what will work best on your property.

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