Rock gardens come in all shapes and sizes. The simplicity of a rock garden doesn’t require big open spaces to enjoy the beauty and eco-friendly benefits. The beds encompass small, raised beds to those built on the ground. The style depends on how much space is available, the amount or rock an individual has with which to work, and personal preference.

Clear the Space

For those that are building their rock garden on the ground, clear the area of grass and vegetation, digging down far enough to get the roots.

Build a Perimeter

Use larger rocks to build a perimeter around the outside of the area that will be the rock garden. The dimensions of the rocks don’t need to be more than 12 inches.

Add Some Sand

The base layer is going to be sand to provide drainage. For those that have a clay-based soil, some compost can be added. Then tamp the soil down by walking on it to create a firm base.

More Rocks

Lay another perimeter of stones within the first layer, leaving enough room between the two perimeters to enter some plants later on. The second “layer” of rocks can be made of more attractive rocks, since they’re the ones that will be most visible within the bed itself. Use smaller rocks on this layer than the outer perimeter.

Pick the Plants

Some individuals choose a specific color scheme for the plants they select, while others prefer to use a mix of colors. The color of the plants is typically chosen to complement the rock color. There are plants of red, green, yellow and silver that can be combined in various ways.

Be sure that the selected plants have similar moisture and sun requirements. Plants that are drought-resistant work well. Add interest by varying plant heights and textures. It can help to first place the plants in their positions while still in the pot to see what the effect will be. Don’t be afraid to rearrange them.

When the layout is pleasing, remove the plants from the pots and enter them in the ground. Add soil as needed. It can be helpful, and attractive, to add a layer of mulch using small stones. It will also help retain moisture.

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