Florida residents are unique in that they have a wide variety of plants they can cultivate in their yard and garden to get them in the Christmas spirit. However, you should be aware that many of the plants associated with the holidays are toxic to pets and children.


The big, beautiful blossoms of amaryllis can easily be 6 inches across and they’re long lasting. Get bulbs in Nov. and they’ll bloom in 4 to 8 weeks. They need indirect sun and don’t overwater them.

Candy Cane Sorrel

The red and white striped, trumpet shaped blooms can be grown in full sun or partial shade. The blooms fold up at night, further enhancing the candy cane appearance. They’re low-growing and are great planted near the door. They don’t like high heat or humidity, so they often wither during the summer. They like direct sunlight or partial shade.


Available in red, white, pink and purple, they’re especially welcoming around the front door. They prefer cooler temperatures, should be planted in the autumn, and protected from temps 40 F and below. They’re toxic to children and pets.


Resistant to hurricanes, the green foliage and red berries are indicative of the holiday season. Only female holly plants bear berries. Left on its own, holly can grow 12 ft. wide and 40 ft. tall. It’s best grown as a hedge.


A parasitic plant, it must attach itself to another plant to grow and thrive. It can be grown on elm, hackberry, laurel oak, sycamore and wild cherry. Mistletoe is poisonous when ingested. Always wash your hands after handling it.


The tropical plant is associated with Christmas and the holiday season. In South Florida, it can be planted outdoors, though it typically doesn’t thrive due to overwatering. It needs at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight, temperatures between 55 and 65 F. at night, and 65 to 70 F in the day. Water sparingly and only when the leaves feel dry to the touch.

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