Perhaps one of the most overlooked and underestimated landscape enhancements is rocks. They provide a variety of benefits for plants and people. However, there are also some disadvantages to adding rocks to the landscape. It’s best to consult with a professional landscaper that can provide expert advice.

Low Maintenance

Rocks are very low maintenance. They don’t need to be watered or fertilized and they’re not attractive to insects.

Mulch Alternative

Rocks can be used in the same manner as traditional wood mulch. It’s available in a wide variety of sizes and types that includes lava rock, granite, marble, terra cotta, river rock, gravel, crushed stone, pebbles, quartz, and even crushed concrete. They are effective for enhancing water drainage in soil, reducing weed growth, and they can also help retain soil by reducing erosion.


Stones can be used to line walkways and similar spaces. Flat stones are an ideal addition to create walkways and similar areas around pools or freestanding statuary.

Adds Interest & Contrast

Light-colored rock chips and stones are an excellent way to lighten up dark areas of the landscape. Different sizes are available, allowing individuals to customize different areas of their environment.

Colorful Options

The color variations in rocks and stones are almost endless, making them highly versatile elements in the landscape.

Durable Ground Cover

Rocks are a highly durable ground cover with a long lifespan. Depending on the landscape, individuals may need to add some rock from time to time, but they have an extensive lifespan since they don’t deteriorate like mulch. It’s an excellent choice for high foot traffic areas.

Relatively Inexpensive

Using rock is a relatively inexpensive way to highlight flower beds and it’s a quick and easy way to create a backyard makeover. The cost will largely depend on the type of rock that’s chosen and the amount required for a particular project, but the wide range of benefits offset the initial investment.

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