One of the most important steps any homeowner can make before engaging the services of a landscape designer is to know what they want. There’s a big difference between a landscape facelift and a complete makeover. Knowing what they want before hiring a landscape designer will help him/her create the desired features. Provide as much information to the designer as possible about available space, soil types, and existing plantings.

Research is Imperative

Having a solid idea of the available budget toward realizing a dream landscape is essential. Once individuals have a ballpark figure of how much they have to spend, add an additional one-third of that amount to the final cost.

Research is equally important about the designer. Narrow the search to a top three and don’t be afraid to ask for references from former customers. The designer should be licensed, bonded, insured, and have professional affiliations, education, and experience.


Understanding the style of the proposed landscape is a critical concern. It will be governed by elements ranging from how the space will be used, how often, and the style of the surrounding architecture. Engage a design expert that specializes in the preferred style.

Collaborative Effort

It’s important that the project be a collaborative effort between the homeowner and the design expert. The landscape expert can offer creative suggestions about features, materials, plantings, and alternatives for space considerations. He/she should encourage questions and explain why each element is appropriate.

Understand the Process

A landscape designer should be able to explain in detail how long the process will take and provide a written estimate. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a landscape facelift or a complete makeover, understanding the process and the time required will make the wait easier as individuals watch their new outdoor space take shape.

Significant Investment

Making changes to the landscape is a major undertaking and represents a significant financial investment. Individuals shouldn’t sign a contract or commit to any work unless they’re completely satisfied with the design. Those that prefer environmentally-friendly solutions should search for a landscape designer that specializes in green practices.

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