Designing or redesigning your landscape can be exciting. There are so many choices available it can be difficult to decide exactly what you want. However, what you envision may not be feasible due to considerations such as budget, space, or climate.

While most plants will thrive in South Florida, some may be an invasive species or grow too large for your space. That’s when the expertise of a landscape designer is essential and there are several things to consider when selecting a professional.

What do you want?

Know what type of features you want, how quickly you want the work done, and your budget. When those details have been decided, a landscape designer will be able to tell you if the vision is possible.

Do the research

Visit the websites of landscape designers to see some of their projects and reviews. Ask friends, family and coworkers that have had work done about their designer. If possible, view some of their projects in person.

Shop around

Consult with multiple firms and narrow your final choices to three. Don’t be afraid to request references and obtain quotes from each of your selections. Feel free to check the credentials and memberships of professional organizations the designer is affiliated with and make sure they’re fully insured should something go awry – accidents do happen.


The landscape firms with which you consult should be able to explain the process to you in detail and provide estimates on time and cost. The firm should also be able to explain if certain plants or features won’t work in your space and why, and offer alternatives.

Great expectations

Even if you’re having a minor facelift performed on your property, landscape design is a significant investment and you want it to reflect your sense of style and aesthetics. Working with a landscape designer that shares your vision and provides the information you need allows you to make informed decisions.

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