Some people have a natural talent for designing attractive gardens and the ability to plant almost anything and make it thrive. For those that don’t have those skills, a landscape designer is the solution. The following are key elements when hiring a landscaping company.

On-Site Inspection

Always expect an on-site inspection from the selected landscape company. The inspection process enables the company to explore the soil, choose compatible plants, and plan for every contingency, including an irrigation system if needed. It allows the estimator to create an accurate estimate so homeowners don’t experience any surprises later on.

The inspection includes accessibility to the property and any existing features that might be disturbed during the landscaping process. The inspector will note any potential problem areas such as slopes and cliffs, along with the placement of utility lines and property boundaries. Landscaping company can also design landscapes around themes, along with those that that are child- and pet-friendly.


The South Florida soil doesn’t retain moisture or nutrients well. While native plants have adapted to the soil, not all plantings are able to do so. They may require extra moisture, fertilization, or protection from the afternoon sun. Landscapers are knowledgeable about plant requirements.


Individuals may have their heart set on certain plantings in their landscape, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Landscape designers are cognizant of the space requirements of mature bushes, shrubs and trees and help clients choose the best plants for their specific circumstances.


There’s a decided trend toward sustainable landscapes. The design utilizes plants that thrive in existing conditions and often relies on native plants. It also includes irrigation systems that use less water and save clients money.

Ultimate Usage

Homeowners should tell the landscaping professionals how the area to be addressed will be used. It provides information the experts can utilize to craft a landscape that accommodates the client’s aesthetics, while facilitating their intended use and lifestyle.