Keeping landscapes sufficiently watered during the dry season in Florida can be tricky without an automated irrigation system. Watering by hand or with a sprinkler and hose system can create far more problems than insufficient moisture in the ground. Irrigation during the drier, winter months is dependent on soil composition, type of grass planted, and the presence of shade trees.

More abundant rainfall during the summer months may have prompted homeowners to turn their irrigation systems off, while others are trying to control their irrigation systems manually. Without an irrigation system that can correct for rainfall and other variables, watering the landscape becomes a paramount concern. The University of Florida Extension Service recommends watering two days per week. That can be adjusted to tailor moisture to different areas.

Exact location is also a factor in watering and the type of plants within the landscape. If grass is walked on and the footprints don’t readily dissipate, the lawn needs moisture. Another sign is if the blades of grass are folding or the color is off. When those signs are present, ¾ inch of water should be applied. Make sure that all areas are being watered equally.

A good way to determine how long sprinklers should be run involves placing shallow cans or containers in various places around the yard. Run the sprinklers for 30 minutes and see how much water has accumulated in the containers. If they have ¾ inch, 30 minutes of watering is sufficient. If there’s ½ an inch, water for 40 minutes or 50 minutes if there’s only ¼ inch in the cans.

Watering should be performed early in the morning whenever possible at any time of the year to minimize evaporation. Following a measured water regiment for landscapes will keep them healthy throughout the winter months and save money on water bills.


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