One of the most important aspects of maintaining a beautiful landscape is ensuring it has sufficient moisture to thrive. Providing the water it needs when required can be a lot of time intensive work. It’s just one of the reasons that landscaping and irrigation go hand-in-hand.

Landscaping provides an aesthetically pleasing environment and adds value to any property. The same is true of an irrigation system. Modern systems are wonders of technology that are able to detect when plants need to be watered and can compensate for local rainfall to save property owners money.

Irrigation systems need to be installed and configured by a professional. They have the experience, knowledge and expertise to design an appropriate system, install directional sprinkler heads, program the system, and calculate the correct amount of water for different areas of the landscape. Drip irrigation can also be installed in appropriate locations.

When an irrigation system is installed, the designer will factor in a wide variety of elements. Those encompass soil types, different kinds of plantings, any areas where pooling or puddling are likely to occur, and runoff potential.

They’ll also configure the system so clients only water the soil and moisture isn’t directed to streets, sidewalks and walkways. An irrigation specialist will be able to adjust the water pressure appropriately so water is distributed in a uniform way.

Without the proper moisture levels at the correct times, everything from grass and flowers to bushes, trees and vines will wither and die. Conversely, too much water will drown them and lead to the growth of mold and mildew that can be expensive to alleviate.

For attractive and well-maintained landscapes, irrigation is a necessity. It eliminates the time and effort of watering by hand, saves water and money, and ensures the right amount of water is distributed in each zone. Irrigation ensures that every inch of properties are lush and green.

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