One of the most important aspects of landscaping is the installation of an irrigation system. It’s a facet that’s highly overlooked in the South Florida climate. It’s true that the area receives significant rainfall, but plants and trees need water during drier months too, but in different amounts. There are numerous reasons why an irrigation system is an essential feature in the landscape.

Seasonal Needs

There are times of the year when rainfall isn’t as plentiful and an irrigation system will ensure that adequate moisture is provided over the changing seasons.

Type of Plantings

Water requirements vary among plantings. Lawns are a good example. St. Augustine Grass is a common lawn covering and it’s more water-dependent than other species.


Irrigation systems are an important way to maintain a beautiful landscape while conserving a critical natural resource. Programmable irrigation systems deliver the correct amount of moisture for the season. Monitoring systems with sensors “know” when water is needed. They automatically apply it and at the correct time of the day to maximize efficiency and minimize the amount of evaporation.


The sprinkler heads of an irrigation system are adjustable. They’re able to apply different rates of water to different areas throughout the landscape. It ensures that numerous types of plantings can be enjoyed in the landscape and moisture application is customized. It also prevents wastage because driveways, streets and sidewalks aren’t being watered along with the landscape.

Multiple Options

Individuals can choose wide-use watering irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems, and a combination of both. Wide-use is what’s typically utilized for lawns and large open areas. Drip irrigation systems are an ideal way to conserve water, particularly when watering flowerbeds. Moisture is delivered slowly at the ground level where it’s need most and prevents flowers from being crushed or drowned from the output of traditional sprinkler heads.


The efficient watering of landscapes minimizes water waste, which will save money on water bills. It also saves individuals a considerable amount of time and effort over water by hand, which is the most inaccurate and inefficient methods to employ.

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