Landscaping adds beauty and value to your home, business, or commercial project. Many people attempt to perform landscaping projects on their own, only to discover the plants they chose didn’t flourish, overgrew their space, or required too much care. Others simply want to change or update their landscaping.

RCH Landscaping has the experience, expertise and specialized knowledge to design landscaping projects for any usage. There’s an extensive range of factors that must be considered for landscaping needs, from the type of soil to the unique and prevailing weather conditions in Florida.

People often envision certain plants in their yard, but don’t understand their growth habits. RCH Landscaping experts are familiar with all types of flowers, bushes, trees, and vines. The company can recommend the best plants to control erosion and those that are best able to withstand tropical storms, along with advice on invasive species.

All types of soil are not appropriate for the plants you may want to include in your landscaping. The soil may simply need fertilizer to rejuvenate it and provide the proper nutrients for plants. In other situations, soil may need to be removed and replaced.

The company is also expert in irrigation systems to ensure every inch of properties receive the ideal amount of water for lush growth. RCH Landscaping provides design, installation, maintenance, repairs and updates to accommodate specific needs.

RCH Landscaping can also assist in designing landscaping that includes outbuildings and decorative features from ponds and pathways to fountains and statuary. Design plans can include arbors and archways to pergolas, benches, gazebos, and screened enclosures.

The grounds surrounding homes, businesses and commercial properties make an outward statement to the world at large. RCH Landscaping can help with any re-landscaping needs to transform your outdoor space or grounds into a work of art utilizing best use practices. The company offers free quotes and maintenance plans to enhance the character of any property.

RCH Landscaping is a full service landscape company based in Boca Raton, Florida. We design, install, and maintain Commercial and Residential landscapes all around Boca Raton, Delray Beach and The Palm Beach areas. Our team of highly skilled landscape technicians have an undisputed track record of creating and maintaining beautiful commercial and residential landscapes all over South Florida.

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