One of the most under-utilized and misunderstood components of landscaping is lighting. It has the ability to beautify properties, increase curb appeal, and improve security. The installation of an outdoor lighting system can be used as accent lighting for unique plant specimens and to create dramatic effects for pools, fountains and waterfalls.

A well-lit yard is an effective deterrent to intruders and trespassers. Properties can be tastefully and artfully illuminated, while still remaining unattractive to those up to no good. It requires proper positioning to ensure the yard is lit without being a distraction, while eliminating shadowy areas in which people can conceal themselves.

At the same time, adding an outdoor illumination system also increases curb appeal. It’s essential for entryways to be well-lighted. It makes the home look inviting, welcoming, and it’s easier to see anyone that approaches the door after dark. It’s an important component of safety for friends and family so they don’t trip or fall on steps, stairs or other potential hazards.

Homes with unusual or unique architectural features can benefit from lighting that highlights rockwork, pillars and similar items. There are specific tricks to getting the lighting angled correctly so it showcases rather than making those features look garish. The same is true for garden attributes. Select lighting options are an effective way to highlight specific items within the landscape such as statuary, waterfalls, pools, and topiaries.

Lighting in any environment is important and especially so when highlighting homes or landscape features. There’s a myriad of selections from which to choose and the best way to know all the options is to seek the services of a landscape lighting designer. He/she can create a single illumination plan to accomplish safety, curb appeal and beautification, while maintaining the character of the home and surrounding landscape.

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