Everyone with plant beds wants an aesthetically pleasing landscape, but it can easily devolve into a lot of time, energy, money and work for regular maintenance. Plant beds can encompass traditional flowers, along with bushes and shrubs. For those that prefer to minimize the work aspect so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor, there are low-maintenance strategies to consider.


The great thing about perennials is that they don’t have to be planted every year. There are flowering types and attractive options that are appreciated for their unique foliage. Annuals can be included in the mix for additional interest.

Drought Resistance

Planting drought resistant varieties of flowers, grasses, bushes and shrubs will minimize the amount of moisture needed and can help save on water bills.

Landscaping Fabric

Use professional grade landscaping fabric around plants to minimize weed growth. The fabric is economical and its perforated, allowing moisture to pass through and reach the soil.


Mulching is an essential element in any landscape. It aids in retaining moisture so plants need less watering and helps enrich the soil. Wood mulch is the most often used. Rocks, stone, and even colored glass can be utilized, but they don’t improve the soil and tend to retain heat. Mulch of any type helps minimize weed growth.


Even though South Florida receives a substantial amount of rain, plants will still need watering at some point. Installing an irrigation system eliminates the time-consuming task of watering and ensure that each zone receives the optimal amount of moisture.

Trees, Flowers and Shrubs

Use a combination of all three types of plantings for beauty, shade and landscape variation. All three have their place in the landscape. Be sure and intersperse some evergreens for year-round interest and color. Individuals that choose to plant vines should ensure that they’re easy to keep with their specific bounds and won’t need a lot of pruning or training to keep them from invading other spaces.

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