Some commercial landscapes are beautiful to behold. They receive the regular care and maintenance needed to prevent overgrowth and provide a superior aesthetic. They’re neat, green, and mark properties as those that are desirable with which to conduct business. A lush landscape requires attention to detail and an elevated level of knowledge about the plantings involved.


Trees need to be judiciously trimmed to maintain their shape and remove damaged limbs. Landscape professionals can identify areas of potential problems such as weak branches that can fall and cause injuries or damage property features. Regular inspections ensure that damage from storms or insects hasn’t occurred. Bushes and vines can also require trimming to prevent them from overgrowing their space.


Different types of plantings require varying amounts of moisture that can be insufficient. Even in Florida’s climate, rain amounts can be insufficient for particular plantings. A properly installed irrigation system is essential for delivering the right amount of precipitation and at the correct time. That requires an irrigation system that’s been properly installed, calibrated and adjusted.

Lawn Care

Grass grows best when its not too long or too short and each type of lawn grass has specific requirements. Cutting lawns too short will result in browning and leave them susceptible to insects and disease, while leaving them too long will present an unkempt appearance and encourage insects.


A one-size-fits-all fertilization program can do a significant amount of damage or if applied at the wrong time. There are different fertilizer formulas to achieve specific results. Grass requires a different fertilizer for growth than one that encourages blossoms. Some types of plants obtain their nutrients from closer to the surface, while others are deep feeders.


There are hundreds of potential insect pests that can infest every aspect of a commercial landscape. What works to control one species won’t necessarily work on others. Regular maintenance and inspections by a professional are an effective way to identify potential problems before they escalate.

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