An irrigation system is convenient, saves money, and ensures that plantings receive the proper amount of moisture to accommodate their individual needs. The systems require monthly inspections to ensure the sprinkler heads are clean. Clogged sprinkler heads wastewater and leads to higher water bills.

Sprinkler heads can become clogged by dirt, debris and ground residue. The heads can easily become clogged and present a variety of problems that interrupt water flow. The situation will be detrimental to plantings and expensive on the wallet.

When an irrigation system is installed, each sprinkler head is calibrated to deliver a specific amount of water to different areas of the lawn. Water flow is adjusted to meet the moisture needs of the plants within its sphere of influence. Modern systems can be set to deliver different amounts of water depending upon the season and even sense when the dryness of the soil.

Mowing, fertilizer and even flooding can take a toll on sprinkler heads. They can also become misaligned, producing puddles in some areas, depriving other locations of enough water, or end up shooting water onto homes, vehicles, fences, and driveways and sidewalks. Those errors waste water, damage property, and creates potentially hazardous runoff.

Individuals should check each month to see if any of those situations are causing a problem in their yard and that all heads are functioning correctly. Sometimes a head becomes clogged and stops throwing water. It may instead distribute water in a very small area directly around it or simply put out a mist. Clogged sprinkler heads can also produce problems in water pressure.

Individuals can learn how to clean their own sprinkler heads, but there may be other problems involved that an irrigation professional is best equipped to handle. Keeping the heads of an irrigation system clean and free of debris will ensure that all areas of the lawn are watered appropriately and plantings remain healthy. It also saves individuals money and aids in protecting a valuable natural resource.

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