When choosing plants for their beds, most individuals focus on the color of the flowers the plants will bear. Little thought is typically expended on the green portion of the plants, but it’s equally important and affects the appearance of the bed. Plants aren’t uniformly a single shade of green and that opens up vast horizons for the landscape.

Greenery in the home garden is much more than just the green color of the plants that support blooms. Homeowners can utilize a combination of flower color and greenery to make a shady corner of the yard appear brighter. Choose plants with brightly colored blossoms and those that have foliage in lighter shades of green.

Blossom colors and plants with different shades of green foliage can be repeated in plant beds for a more formal appearance. For those that are planning plant beds to surround areas of relaxation or near a reflection pool, consider using softer colors in both blossoms and greenery to enhance the ambiance.

A bed featuring flowers of all one color, for instance, pink or white, can benefit from non-flowering plants randomly interspersed or planted by design to create a dramatic effect and additional interest. Multi-colored foliage plants are an excellent way to remain true to a color scheme.

Ornamental grasses offer one of the easiest means of mixing greenery in an outdoor plant bed. There are dozens of hues and variegated varieties with vertical stripes or bands of alternating color. Not all greenery is actually green – grasses also come in shades of red and yellow. Some grass types also have small blooms, while others have plumes.

With so many options from which to choose, the most difficult decision will be what to use in creating a plant bed of complimentary greenery and color. Greenery encompasses the plants that support blooms, decorative grasses, and predominantly foliage plants such as caladiums, hosta, and sedum – all of which are great additions.

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