When most people think about landscaping their properties, they’re focused on the plants with little to no consideration for hardscapes. The features are essentially manmade aspects that can add to the enjoyment of outdoor spaces and make the environment more attractive. One of the most important questions to answer before beginning any landscape project is whether the finished project will reflect a formal or informal look.

Hardscapes can encompass a wide range of items such as walkways, fountains, statuary, and retaining walls, along with decks and patios, swimming pools, outdoor lighting, gazebos and more. Hardscapes also consist of stone, gravel, pavers, concrete and wood. They add interest to the landscape and in larger environments are generally intended to provide a traffic pattern for traversing the landscape. That doesn’t mean that smaller landscapes should be bereft of hardscape features.

People don’t like to step on living plants and hardscapes should be created that recognize that. Pavers, concrete and gravel can create flowerbeds that are completely unique and unconventional. Small stones and crushed rock are effective mulches. Plants work to soften the impact of hardscapes and greenery can be chosen with leaves or blossoms that emulate the shape of hardscapes.

For landscapes that are already highlighted with gravel, boulders or crushed stone, that “natural” look can be complemented by planting small trees or low-growing junipers. Consider tucking a flowering plant here and there among the hardscape to create a burst of color that continues the naturalistic theme.

It’s important to note that stones, crushed rocks, and other types of mulches can change the pH of the soil. It’s a consideration that will need to be taken into account when choosing plantings. Planning a combination of plants and hardscapes is a task that’s best suited to a professional landscaper. The professionals are cognizant of soils types, plant species, and can design a landscape that’s beautiful, functional, and complements architectural styles.

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