Whether a full or partial landscape overhaul is required for a commercial property, the first step is to hire a professional with experience in that particular arena. There are issues and considerations specific to commercial landscapes that can arise that will need the expertise of a professional landscaper.

A landscape overhaul will improve the appearance of any business and make it more attractive to potential clients and customers. It’s an excellent way to boost curb appeal for owners that may be considering selling a property. The great part about a landscape overhaul is that it doesn’t have to include replacing every element.

Make a Plan

The experts will create a plan to accommodate the needs of the client while taking a multitude of variables into consideration. As professionals, they’re knowledgeable about what plants grow well within individual situations, along with what the landscaping will look like when plantings attain maturity. Trees and bushes may be deep or shallow-rooted and can destroy sidewalks and foundations if planted too closely.

Removal and Installations

The experts will remove any unhealthy trees or shrubs that have overgrown their bounds. They’ll be able to remove, expand, or modify any existing flower beds or plant entirely new beds. The installation of an irrigation system is essential. Professional landscapers will be able to create a custom irrigation solution for optimal plant health. They’ll also mulch appropriately, which will provide savings on water bills.

Special Features

The owners of commercial properties are only limited by their imagination when it comes to hard landscaping, which includes any non-living element. Depending upon the type of property, owners may want to install fencing, a swimming pool, fountain, pathways, or playground equipment. Professional landscapers are able to create and execute plans for the inclusion of any attractive or functional feature desired.

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